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Event: Panel Discussing the Life and Legacy of EM

Held in conjunction with a solo presentation of the artist's work curated by Carroll Dunham and Dan Nadel at CANADA, the panel is moderated by writer Linda Yablonsky and will discuss Murray’s art, life and legacy with artists Yevgeniya Baras, Deborah Kass, Suzanne Mcclelland, Kianja Strobert, and Pat Steir.

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Review: Whitehot Magazine: EM at CANADA

Those who go in quest of the Holy Grail have little use for teacups. The painter Elizabeth Murray was known to take offense to having the cups in her paintings referred to as “teacups”, a pejorative term to an artist who was doing plenty of heavy lifting and battling the gender dragons of the art world. There is nothing dainty about Murray’s work or her handling of materials. She could bend a pipe as well as any strongman or pound a piece of paper into submission with an embossed line of a pen like a blacksmith’s hammer to a sheet of metal on an anvil.

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Exhibition News: "Elizabeth Murray" curated by Carroll Dunham and Dan Nadel opens at CANADA

This exhibition has been organized by Dan Nadel and Carroll Dunham. It grew out of their shared interest in Murray’s work from two different perspectives. Nadel came to Murray via her Chicago roots and saw her as both a rare “New York” artist who emerged in the 1970s, belonged to no school, and managed to be both successful and against the modernist grain. Dunham knew Murray and considers her an early influence on his work as well as a central and somewhat under-acknowledged participant in painting developments during the ’80s and beyond.

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