From the Archive: a historic re-creation of a forgotten slide lecture

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Murray! On this day, September 6, Elizabeth Murray would have turned 79! In celebration, the Estate of Elizabeth Murray presents the above re-creation of one of the artist's earliest known recorded lectures.

In the spring of 1981, Elizabeth Murray was invited to give a slide lecture at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Though the original slide carousel did not remain intact, the version presented here was researched and compiled over the course of two years by Jason Andrew, Director of The Estate of Elizabeth Murray, combining digitized slide images and the remastered original cassette recording. Additional images of the artist have been added, including a series of studio portraits by Barry Kornbluh.

The audio, though digitally remastered, is unedited and presented in its entirety from the original archived at MICA Mades Audio Cassette Collection, Decker Library. It begins with a snippet of Elizabeth speaking with students prior to the lecture.

Special thanks to the Paula Cooper Gallery Archive and the MICA Archives, Decker Library.